Dear artist,

This is a dynamic community where each contest will have its own set of rules and deadlines. Presented below are the general terms and conditions; each contest has its specific terms – therefore, read carefully before you sign up.

The GENERAL TERMS are presented in this page and will apply to all contests.
The SPECIFIC TERMS will be presented whenever each contest is announced.

Contest participants must be active members in the FineArt Association. The submission of photos is for members only. To be accepted as a member, entrants must be 18 years of age or older.

Each FineArt member will have their own profile, with personal information and an image of his/her choice which best represents his/her work. Awarded photos will be automatically uploaded to the member’s profiles. Profiles will be available to brides from all over the world.

Images that have already been awarded a prize in previous FineArt Association contests CANNOT be resubmitted into any category.

The same photo may not be submitted into more than one category; each photo may be submitted only once, in one category only. FineArt Association Awards Collections will be published according to categories. Categories are not fixed and may vary from one contest to another. Some contests will not display categories.

The submission of photos which are not shot by the autor, will imply the exclusion of the photographer from FineArt Association and the loss of all the awards. The author of the photo is considered the one who pressed the shutter release button of the camera at the time of the click.

Members who are in any way related to the judges (husband and wife; relatives in general) from any of the contest’s editions will not be able to participate.

Judges decisions are final; they may not be questioned or altered.

Only one entry is allowed per photographer. DO NOT submit more than one entry form for each contest. Submission of photos must be done through our official entry forms. Any other kind of submission is not valid.

The author is fully responsible for the contents of his/her photos. In case any of the people portrayed in the photos should request for the removal of the image from the FineArt Association website, the request will be accepted and the photo will be disqualified. FineArt Association and its members WILL NOT be held responsible for any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature.

By becoming a member and submitting images, the entrant indicates his/her unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of, these Official Rules, which are final and binding.

Photos which strongly resemble others already existing, to the point where they are considered to be the product of plagiarism, will be analyzed by the founder (Wellington Fugisse) and can be withdrawn from the contest even after it is publicized.


Each award will be worth points for the winning photographer in accordance to the amount of awarded photos in ALL categories; the sum of the winning photos will determine the three (3) highest scoring photographers within all of the categories from the collection. The first-place winner will be appointed “Artist of the Collection”. There will be no tie between the three photographers, in the event of a tie; the sum of the awarded photos in previous contests will serve as tie-breaking criteria.

Fine Art Association reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify or discontinue any of the contests for reasons beyond its control. (We hope this does not happen).

We wish to exceed so you can have a great contest, dear artist!