Citlalli Rico


Citlalli Rico is a Mexican artist and photographer passionate about nature, arts, and education. She has been documenting weddings since 2006 and 12 years after sharing her experiences with photographers, trying her best to help keep raising the bar of the wedding photography industry. She's been invited to conferences and workshops worldwide and was part of the mentor team of the Foundation Workshops in the USA, Mexico & Europe.
Citlalli belongs to several international Photography Associations, including Fine Art Association, Fearless Photographers, ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), This is Reportage and Inspiration Photographers. She was awarded top 10 wedding photographers in Mexico by the Magazine Visit Mexico, Fearless Photographers of the Year in 2011, and several more.
Citlalli Rico's home is in Cancun, Mexico. She has documented, besides her sister, over 700 hundred weddings.
Citlalli travels worldwide for lectures, conferences, and workshops.

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Citlalli Rico